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One way to have affordable Disney family vacations is to watch the food budget.

Here are some food tips to help make cheap Disney vacations:

Snacks on a Disney Family Vacation

When we take a Disney family vacation, we take along one suitcase full of food.

What type of food?

Goldfish, granola bars, fruit snacks, poptarts, etc.

It is handy to have something to snack on while in the hotel.

While on our Disney family vacation, as the suitcase empties we then use the suitcase to bring home souvenirs.

We took water bottles from home, washed them, and just refilled them the entire trip.

Inside the park, you can find fresh fruit! In the Disneyland park the Carnation Café on Main Street had really good, healthy lunch options and the same price as eating pizza or hamburgers.

affordable Disney famly vacations

Breakfast on a Disney Vacation

Many hotels have a coffee shop with cereal, pastries, fruit, etc.

Dining out on Affordable Disney Family Vacations

Try to share entries at restaurants in Downtown Disney and in the theme parks. They often have huge portions, which can be a great value, but with little ones you can sometimes share an entree.

Look around and see what others are eating. This will give you a good idea of how large the portions are.

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