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An Arkansas family vacation gives an opportunity to explore this beautiful and varied state.

Did you know that you search for diamonds in Arkansas? Maybe a great start to the college fund...

But diamonds aside, this beautiful state has a lot to offer.

And Arkansas makes a great destination for a road trip. It is a beautiful place and earns it's name as the "natural state."

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An Arkansas Ozarks Family Vacation

One of our picks for best family vacations destinations has to be the Ozarks.

Making your travel destination the northwest corner of Arkansas, you'll find a lot to keep you occupied!

Here are some of our favorite inexpensive family vacations picks for fun in the Ozark Mountain region of Arkansas.

Eureka Springs

Make Eureka Springs your home base. There are so many attractions here, and the little town of Eureka Springs is a sight to behold. Full of restaurants and shopping, this quaint Victorian village is also a place I'd like to go for a getaway with someone special!

There is a trolley that takes you around town. That can be handy, because when you drive around, it is hard to keep your eyes on the road because you'll find yourself wanting to look at all the beautiful architecture (instead of the road). There are even fun sights like Humpty Dumpty sitting on a wall.

Arkansas Family Vacation, Eureka Springs, Humpty Dumpty

There are great quality shows in town too, sort of the opry variety, as well as a famous passion play.

Eureka Springs caters to tourists, and there are lots of affordable motels and places to stay.

Thorncrown Chapel

Thorncrown Chapel is a delight. What a beautiful, restful place to visit.

We were told that so many people enjoyed visiting this spot, the man who owned it built a chapel there. The walls are all glass and it is a way to really commune with nature - seeing God's creations all around you as you worship.

Stop by for a peaceful break during your Arkansas family vacation.

For more info, visit

Arkansa Family Vacation, Thorncrown Chapel

Crescent Hotel

The Crescent Hotel is an old gem of a hotel. It is reported to be haunted, but we didn't see any ghosts. As a matter of fact, the kids didn't want to venture inside (didn't want to make any new ghostly acquaintances...) but we were glad we did go inside.

By going up to the roof, we had the most beautiful views. A giant statue of Jesus, called Christ of the Ozarks, is visible amongst the trees.

We were so impressed with the beautiful view and were there in the summer. I can't imagine how beautiful it must be in the fall when the leaves are changing.

Arkansas Family Vacation, Crescent Hotel Eureka Springs

Forestry Tower

One attraction we visited on our Arkansas family vacation was a Forestry Tower.

We found it quite by accident, right in town by the Eureka Springs Visitor's Center.

The kids had lots of fun climbing to the top for some beautiful views!

Arkansas Family Vacation, Forestry Tower

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge

All sorts of big cats are cared for at the facility.

A great opportunity to see these magnificent creatures really close. You can even take an educational tour and spend the night.

War Eagle Caverns

There are lots of caves in the area.

For our Arkansas family vacation, we chose to visit War Eagle Caverns. We were glad we did!

Quigley's Castle

For older kids, this place is a great find.

This is a unique home that was built by a family. It is covered with rocks that were collected over years and lovingly placed on the exterior. Furniture in the yard is also made of rocks, with seating areas filled with flowers - a butterfly's paradise.

What we found really unique, however, was the interior of the house.

With space for live plants to scale the walls, a live fish pond. It was a true way of bringing the outdoors in.

When we visited, the woman who let us in and told us the history of the home was a descendant of the builder.

We left wishing we could tear down our own home and rebuild it like this one!

For more info, visit their website:

Arkansas Family Vacation, Quigley's Castle


Not too far away and on the other side of Beaver Lake, you can visit Bentonville.

The charming town square is home to the Walton's, which was the beginning of Walmart.

A good lesson in entrepreneurship...taking this small store and growing it to become a huge empire.

Arkansas Family Vacation, Walton's, Bentonville

Terra Studios

If you are near Fayetteville, you must visit Terra Studios as part of your Arkansas family vacation.

Home of the Bluebird of Happiness, this is truly an oasis of all things happy and creativity at it's best.

Do you have a great Arkansas travel destination to share?

We'd love to hear about your favorite Arkansas family vacation hidden gems!

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