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Taking an Arkansas road trip?

If you are near Fayetteville, you must visit Terra Studios.

Arkansas road trip, Terra Studios, Bluebird of Happiness, Gazebo

Terra Studios is home of the world famous Bluebird of Happiness. You've surely seen them in nice gift shops before. Handblown glass figurines of bluebirds in various sizes. They are just lovely. And so is Terra Studios.

There are glass blowing demonstrations available. You've you have never seen this done, it is really fascinating.

The gift shop has lots and lots of bluebirds (in blue and other colors too). The make great inexpensive family vacations souvenirs or gifts to take home.

Arkansas road trip, Terra Studios

The setting for Terra Studios is beautiful too, as you can see in the photo. There is so much to enjoy here, gardens, a life-sized chess game, even a labyrinth!

Artists have created this space, and their works are available for purchase. There are so many interesting things to look at it. It must be wonderful to be able to create so freely, and just let your imagination be your guide. It gave us definite ideas of "wouldn't it be cool to have this in our house...and that...and oh! That too!!".

Arkansas road trip, Terra Studios

One of our favorite things about this visit was the Cafe. We bought a healthy lunch at the counter, and then got to sit in the cutestbooth. It felt like you were in a little cave, and under the glass top table a darling scene was created. The scene at our table was of a fairyland. We had so much fun looking at it while we ate. There are other booths with other themes too in case you aren't into fairies.

My kids also loved that "creatures" were welcome here...as you can see in the photo, they even have their own parking lot!

Arkansas road trip, Terra Studios

A short drive out from Fayetteville, this travel destination is worth it. And on the drive back to Fayetteville we even saw a deer!

To plan a visit, see their website at: www.terrastudios.com

Arkansas road trip, Terra Studios, Chess

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