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Branson family vacations are the best.

I know, because we went to Branson twice within the same trip.

We were driving to St. Louis, and stopped on the way to see some things "on our list" that were in Branson. On our way home from St. Louis, we were planning to drive a different way. But it was the kids who wanted to go back to Branson, so we did!

I'll have to be honest.

I had no desire to go to Branson.

Everyone that I knew who had been to Branson was of "another generation" so to speak. I wasn't interested in going to a show, and wasn't in the mood for a place that is such a main travel destination.

But, we found so much to do in Branson as a family...

As a matter of fact, they cater to families and there truly were lots of families there!

Now we think that any Arkansas Family Vacation that includes the Ozarks, and any Missouri Family Vacations should include a trip to Branson!

As a matter of fact, Branson has made our list of best family vacation destinations.

Anyone planning a trip to Branson will want to visit This website provides a wealth of information on Branson motels, shows, food and more.

Here are our top picks for things to do in Branson...

#1 See the Beverly Hillbillies Truck

Yes! The truck, car or whatever you want to call it.

My kids love to watch DVD's of the Beverly Hillbillies. It is truly hilarious and absolute comic genius with some of those episodes. When I found out that the Beverly Hillbillies car was on display, we had to go. Even better...

For a fee you can sit inside the car and have your photo made!

Didn't tell the kids about this...they just thought they were going someplace else that mom had picked out with something for them to see. They couldn't believe it when they rounded the corner and saw that vehicle.

Branson Family Vacations, Beverly Hillbillies Car Truck

The Beverly Hillbillies Truck

Where is it, you ask?

On the campus of College of the Ozarks, just south of Branson. It is a lovely campus, and the truck is located inside the Ralph Foster Museum.

Now a word about the Ralph Foster Museum...

I had planned to stop in, see the truck, and go.

But it was the kids who wanted to explore the exhibits, which range from old-fashioned dolls to farm equipment, and everything inbetween. This museum holds a collection of so many "Ozark" things, and they wanted to look at everything.

Imagine kids not wanting to leave a museum! Gotta love it!

While you are on the College of the Ozarks campus be sure to see the cows.

Our kids have grown up seeing black and white spotted cows in their story books, but for some reason we don't seem to have any cows like that where we live.

We saw some here in a field at the college!

If you've never seen them before, it is fun!

#2 See a Show

Shows are family friendly, and really entertaining.

Again, I hadn't planned to see a show. Thought they were too expensive and thought the kids would be bored.

But the kids wanted to go. The bright lights of the theaters made them anxious to see what all the excitement was about.

This turned out to be yet another Branson family vacations hidden gem.

We went to the Presley Show and thought it was worth every penny. We even bought a DVD of it so we could go home and watch it, over and over.

Can't wait to go back one day and see the Presley's again. Their shows include great hillbilly comedy, really entertaining music, and beautiful costumes.

There are other shows - all with great reputations. Pick one that you think will appeal to your family.

#3 The Titanic

One of the top Branson family vacations tourist attractions is the Titanic Museum in Branson.

Being a top travel destination in town, this is not necessary "hidden", but we thought it was worth the visit.

When you enter, you are given a card with a passenger's name from the actual Titanic ship. The card also includes some details about the passenger. As you tour this excellent exhibit, you feel a little more in touch with the passengers. You look at reproductions of the different quarters, and imagine what it was like for "your" passenger to be on the ship.

Our kids had heard about the Titanic at school.

We thought the museum was well-done and very educational. Something they'll remember whenever they hear the name "Titanic".

#4 Branson Family Vacations Fun: Minigolf, Go-Karts and Ice Cream

We spent an evening playing Minigolf and walking to an Ice Cream/Custard stand for a treat.

Yes, we can play minigolf (miniature golf) at home, but whoever has the time?

Seems we can only get around to doing something like that as a family when we are on vacation.

It was nice to "take a break" from the trip and just have fun hanging out.

Branson Family Vacations - Tips

  • Pick up a Branson Visitor's Guide for valuable coupons

  • There are lots of reasonable priced motels on the "strip"

  • Lots more attractions, like Ripley's Believe it or Not, a Wax Museum, etc. in town to occupy your family

  • Food! Don't worry about food ... Ice cream, pizza, and buffets. Something for everyone in the family!

  • Be sure to explore other nearby best family travel destinations: Missouri and Arkansas.

    Branson Family Vacations

    A fun Branson Family Vacations hotel. It looks like a riverboat

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