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Cheap Disney Vacations depend on a lot of factors.

One factor is the hotel that you will be staying at for your Disney family vacation.

Cheap Disneyland Vacation Hotels:

If you are planning to stay at one of the Disney Land Vacation Hotels while on a Disneyland vacation, there are three official properties.

Of the three, our favorite is the old Disney Hotel.


Because the Disney Hotel is close to the monorail.

The other hotels also give easy access to the park, but we prefer the location of the Disneyland Hotel.

Plus, it has a Peter Pan themed swimming pool!

While looking for cheap Disney vacations, the hotel room rate may be your biggest expense.

Room rates fluctuate greatly by date. Visiting sites like Travelocity and Expedia, you can find rates day by day for the days you are looking at (it can vary by day of the week or the week).

I have found the best cheap Disney family vacation packages by calling the Disneyland Hotel directly (rather than going thru the main Disney site) to book a room. They matched the lowest rate I had found.

A great way to make it a more affordable disney family vacations is to bring the grandparents along. We did this, and we were eligible for the senior rate on our room as well.

Booking directly thru the hotel, you will not get a Disneyland Vacation Packages price, but in some case it is cheaper to go without the package. One package we were offered online included (and charged extra money for) things like a poster of Mickey Mouse, a lanyard, etc.

At the Disneyland Vacation Hotel, We like the Sierra tower, and requested a view of Downtown Disney. Noisier, but we could see the fireworks over the park at night from our room.

Cheap Disney Vacations, Downtown Disney

View of Downtown Disney from a Disneyland Hotel room

The Disneyland Hotel also has a video game room, restaurants, workout room (although we never saw it).

There are also waterfalls (cool – you can walk behind them) and they are lit at night with colored lights), a koi pond, a topiary garden and remote control boats.

The pool at the Disneyland Hotel has two water slides and is 4 feet deep at its deepest part. Towels are furnished at the pool.

When we visited, Disney Princesses told bedtime stories on the TV in the room each night. Fixtures in the room are Mickey Mouse themed, including Tinkerbell wallpaper borders that glow in the dark.

If you stay at the hotel you can charge purchases, meals, etc. at the hotel and the parks to your room. Also, things you buy at the park can be delivered to the hotel for you. You can also get early admission to the park (invaluable!) on certain days.

There are two other hotels at Disneyland, one has the pool on the roof (we liked the Peter Pan themed pool idea at the Disneyland Hotel) and the other is upscale, but Disneyland Hotel just had so much for little ones to do. It is the oldest of the 3 properties, but the wallpaper borders in the rooms glow in the dark with Tinker Bell’s pixie dust, the light sconces are Mickey’s hand holding a light bulb, that sort of thing in the rooms. Touches that are fun for the kids. And the monorail is right outside the hotel.

There are also great "partner" hotels that are nearby and at a much cheaper rate. Check out the Howard Johnson as a cheap Disney vacations hotel option. These partner hotels can offer some of the same perks as staying "on property", but make for a much more affordable and cheap Disney vacations price.

Walt Disney World Family Vacation Hotels

There are so many Disneyworld Family Vacation hotels to choose from!

They all have a different theme, location, and price.

And because there are so many to pick from, it really is possible to achieve affordable Disney family vacations at Disneyworld.

The trade-off here is to explore why some Disney hotels are more affordable than others while planning cheap Disney vacations.

Those with the cheaper price tag are often farther away from the Disney parks.

So, the cost that you save in your hotel fees is paid for by the amount of time that you spend getting to and from the park by shuttle or other transportation.

When selecting a Disneyworld family vacation hotel, be aware of this and make your decisions carefully for the best cheap Disney vacations.

Affordable Disney Family Vacations Food


It is possible to have affordable meals! Tips for meals to reach your goal for cheap Disney vacations!

Affordable Disney Family Vacations Transportation

For those traveling to Disneyland, John Wayne/Orange County airport is the closest and Disneyland is only about 20 to 30 minutes away.

We took Super Shuttle to the hotel and booked it online. They had the best rate, found after checking taxis, limos, and the “Disneyland Express”. The rate for a private van just a few dollars more, so we did that so we wouldn’t have to share with someone.

On another trip we rented a car at the airport and went one day of our trip to the beach. That was a waste of money though, because most days the car just sat on a parking lot. (So much for cheap Disney vacations that year).

You can always rent a car (they will bring one to the hotel) and go to the beach or something else.

If you stay at one of the Disney properties you don’t need a car. Everything is closeby and you can walk. It is about a 10 minute walk (on 4 year old's legs) to the park gates, or you can take the monorail into the park to Tomorrow Land. The walk from hotel to the park entrance is thru Downtown Disney – which is full of restaurants (there is a Rainforest Cafe) and shops, fountains, street performers, etc. Really cool at night.

For those traveling to Disneyworld, explore all your options from the airport to the hotel - check the prices of each option before booking anything.

Most hotels in the area offer a shuttle to the parks as part of your stay at the hotel.

Disneyland Vacation Packages Tickets

Disney has ticket packages available where you can buy the park hopper passes before you go to the park. As a matter of fact, if you are staying at one of their properties you can purchase the Disney ticket packages when you make your room reservation.

For small children, I suggest doing FantasyLand and Toon Town one day, then the rest of the park on the second day, and then going back to do your favorites a second time on the third day along with California Adventure. It is nice to add an "off day" in there just to hang out and the Disney hotel pool and recharge for another day at the park.

How many days will you need?

It probably depends on if you think your kids will be tired and how crowded the park will be, because that will determine how much you get to do.

Plan carefully how many days you might want. The number of days of tickets you purchase can have a big affect on whether or not you have cheap Disney vacations.

Favorite Disney Family Vacations Rides and Attractions

Everyone has their favorites. Here are the favorites of our family at Disneyland, California Adventure, and at Disneyworld.

Should you go on a Disneyland Vacation or Disneyworld Vacation?

That is a tricky one if you live in middle of the United States and can easily reach either theme park. But which one you pick can really influence whether you'll be enjoying cheap Disney vacations, or spending a little more.

Read about which one we like best for our cheap Disney vacations, and why.

Have A Great Family Vacation Idea?

Do you have a great vacation spot or tip? Share it!

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