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Deciding between a Disney land vacation and a Disneyworld vacation?

If you live in the middle of the United States, there is a choice.

That is where we live, and it seems like just about everyone we know goes to Disneyworld.


I recommend Disneyland for younger kids, early elementary and younger if you are going during the summer.



  • Kids in California don’t get out of school until later in June. If you live in a location (like we do) where school is out for summer in May, visiting Disneyland is better for crowds. The other people there are California kids that are too young for school or others who have traveled there just like you.

  • The weather in California is in the 70-80s vs. 80-90s in Florida (and don't forget the humidity in Florida!)

  • California has two parks (Disneyland and California Adventure, which share the same entry plaza), and Florida has more, but people tell me that what their little ones care about in Florida is the Magic Kingdom (which is like Disneyland – many attractions are identical).

  • Disneyland's California Adventure has several of the "top" Florida attractions, all rolled into one park.

  • California is more compact so easier to get around it with little ones.

    Disney land Vacation

  • In California on a Disneyland vacation you can go into the park before the crowds much easier because of the time change being in your favor. For example, when it is 9 a.m. there it is 11 a.m. to your Central Time Zone body clock. Much easier to get up in the morning!

  • In California for your Disney land vacation, it is easier to stay onsite or really close to it. In Florida it is much more expensive to do this. You can stay at a Disneyland property, but it won’t be “onsite.” You’ll have to drive or take some sort of shuttle. Comparing hotel amenities/proximity for both and it was much cheaper in California at a Disneyland property for an apples to apples hotel comparison.

    Of course, different people have different ideas of what parks they enjoy the best.

    Carefully review your Disney family vacation options.

    But remember, ultimately...

    With Disney, you can't go wrong!

    So, which will it be?

    A Disney land vacation or a Disneyworld vacation?

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