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A family vacation in Texas will probably bring you thru or near the Texas Hill Country.

The Hill Country is easily accessible from Interstate 35. And Highway 281 runs right down the middle of it, north to south.

The Texas Hill Country is a broad region that is full of beauty, small towns and Texas culture. It is also a wine producing region, and for those traveling without the kids, you can visit wineries and tasting rooms along the way.

Family Vacation in Texas, Texas Hill Country

Family Vacation in Texas: The Texas Hill Country

But we are looking for hidden gems for families, and we found lots of them in the Texas Hill Country…


I felt that my daughters were “women” when we were driving thru Wimberley one trip and they said “stop – we want to shop here”. Music to my ears!

Wimberley has a quaint, small, old town, full of great shopping! You’ll find unique clothing, garden items, gifts, jewelry, art, antiques…and more. You’ll also find something to eat and even lodging.

We spent an afternoon there and will definitely be back.

Family Vacation in Texas, Wimberley

Wimberley, Texas

Wimberley Glass Works is nearby. They give free glass-blowing demonstrations most days of the week.

Wimberley is also home to Pioneer Town. We just saw a sign on the road pointing the way to “Pioneer Town”, so we decided to turn that way and see what we could find. Sounded like just the sort of place to make our family vacation in Texas complete.

Pioneer Town is a collection of old buildings that date from the 1800’s. You’ll be able to walk to the board sidewalks and see what an old town was really like. Our family was in the middle of reading Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little Town on the Prairie, and we noticed so many similarities between the description in the book of the town, with Prairie Town.

Family Vacation in Texas, Pioneer Town

Pioneer Town, Wimberley, Texas

One unique feature at Pioneer Town is a Bottle House. It is constructed out of 9,500 bottles! You’ll want to visit Pioneer Town especially to see this unique house. I’m saving bottles now at home to build my own!

Family Vacation in Texas, Bottle House

Pioneer Town Bottle House, Wimberley, Texas

If spending a night in Wimberley during the summer, you’ll want to visit the Corral Theatre. This is an outdoor movie theater that features first run movies outdoors on certain nights of the week. Enjoy your movie under the stars.

Wimberley is also easily accessible from Interstate 35, which holds the great family vacation destinations of New Braunfels, Gruene and San Marcos.


Along Highway 281 you’ll find the town of Blanco. The area surrounding Blanco is home to several Lavender Farms. There is a Lavender Festival in June, and the farms will allow visitors, at select times, to visit and pick their own lavender!

LBJ Ranch

President Lyndon Baines Johnson was born and bred here, and lived out his life here. You can see his Presidential airplane, tour the grounds, and visit his home, including the “White House” in Texas. He is buried here in a small cemetery. Visiting is free (an admission is charged to enter the home and take a tour), and when you visit the ranger station when entering the property they will give you a CD that tells you about what you are looking at as you drive thru the ranch.

One thing that we really enjoyed was seeing a living history farm. We actually got to see a blown up pig’s bladder (kid’s used to play with these), as well as lots of farm animals, machinery, and a home where living interpreters spend their day living life as it “used to be”. This place is so authentic, even down to the outhouse!

Family Vacation in Texas, LBJ Ranch

Family Vacation in Texas: LBJ Ranch

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