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Williams, Arizona

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Grand Canyon Family Vacations are at the top of everyone's travel destination list.

Other than the Grand Canyon, what hidden gems are in the area?

You'll want your Grand Canyon family trip to include a visit to Williams, Arizona.

Williams, Arizona is part of our Arizona family vacations list, and there is so much to see and do in the area it makes a great "home base". It is located west of Flagstaff, and is easily accessible.

As a matter of fact, Williams is 60 minutes south of the Grand Canyon by car, and they even have a train that takes you to the Grand Canyon.

Here are some of our favorite family vacations hidden gems for Williams, Arizona:

Route 66

Route 66 is the main street of this town!

That's right. The "mother road". Lots of great vintage Route 66 stuff here, so you'll be able to introduce your family to the culture and legend that is Route 66.

Route 66 is especially popular for the kids after seeing the movie Cars.

Grand Canyon Deer Farm

Also in Williams, you'll find the Deer Farm where you can feed deer by hand, touch and pet them. What great photo opportunities for Grand Canyon family vacations!

You'll find other types of animals here too, such as reindeer, birds, coatamundi and wallabies.

Check out:


Bearizona is a drive thru wildlife park featuring North American animals such as bison, black bears and wolves in their natural habitat. There are several of these drive-thru parks located across the U.S. but this one is special because of the type of animals you'll find inside.

The park is newly opened attraction for Grand Canyon Family Vacations, and additional features are being added as this is being written.

Visit for more info.

Flintstones Bedrock City

You'll find "Bedrock" on 264 US Highway 180, near Williams, Arizona.

Growing up, When my family visited the Grand Canyon, I was 17.

As my mom tells it...

There we were, with all the splendor of the Grand Canyon, and all we kids could talk about was getting to visit the Flintstones.

I remember it to this day, and honestly, don't remember much about the Grand Canyon itself!

So obviously it made a big impression to this kid.

Current online reviews of this place are mixed. If you search for "Flintstones Arizona" you'll find plenty of reviews from fellow travelers, along with youtube videos.

Built many years ago, it is now apparently in considerable disrepair.

But it sounds like universally, the kids who know the Flintstones love it.

Parents - let's put it this way...if true Americana tourist traps are your thing - and you can look past the cosmetics and age of a roadside attraction - you'll probably love it!

By the way...if Flintstones are your thing, there is a great Flintstone's park in Custer, South Dakota...

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