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War Eagle Caverns

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"What are your great family vacation ideas?" we asked.

"Visit War Eagle Caverns."

That is what a friend of ours who lives in Bentonville, Arkansas had said. Their son had visited on a school field trip and really enjoyed it.

There are several caves in the area, but during our Arkansas family vacation we made our way to War Eagle based on their recommendation that this would be a true "family vacations hidden gem".

We were so glad we visited War Eagle Caverns. We even spent most of the day there!

It quickly made our list of great family vacation ideas for Arkansas and the Ozarks.

This is how we spent our day...

First, we took a tour of the cave.

As we walked towards the cave, our guide showed us a den that a bear uses in the winter. Cool!

As a sidenote...

The guide, by the way, was the best I've ever had. I've been thru a lot of caves, but this one was knowledgeable, took her time with us, and was basically a fun person to be around.

Back to the cave...

This cave was used by Jesse James, and was used in the filming of a Jesse James movie. While visiting, we got to see where all of that happened. We also got to visit areas used by moonshiners and families seeking refuge - be they Native Americans or those affected by the Great Depression.

We got to see bats in their natural habitat. Really neat. Very tiny and so cute hanging upside down from the ceiling. 75,000 make their home at this cave.

Great Family Vacation Ideas, War Eagle Caverns, Bat

After the tour, there is a path to walk down to the river where you can feed fish. For our city family, this was great fun. Those fish were HUGE too!

On our way back to the main area, we explored some hiking trails.

By this time, we were hungry. We had lunch at a window-service cafe on the property, enjoying our dinner on the patio. There was a lot of selection, so there should be something to please everyone in your family here.

There was dinosaur dig area, as well as swingset, but one of the best things was a maze.

We spent a long time in that maze. The kids loved it. There are several things to find while in the maze, and they didn't want to leave until we had found them all. The owner gave us a typical time that it takes to make your way thru the maze...well...we took longer :-) but we loved every minute of it.

Great Family Vacation Ideas, War Eagle Caverns, Gems

There is also an area where you can pan for gems. We each went thru a bag of dirt to find lots of precious stones. (This is something we really enjoy doing and try to do once every year at some place or other on our trip.)

Don't miss the gift shop. It is great with lots of variety and reasonable prices.

The staff and owners are friendly and helpful. I love supporting travel destinations and great family vacation ideas that have friendly folks! Highly recommend!

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