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Inexpensive family vacations are everywhere in the great state of North Dakota.

There are some really great ideas for family friendly vacations to be found on a North Dakota road trip that are unrivaled at their educational and memory making value.

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Inexpensive Family Vacations: Welcome to North Dakota!

Jamestown Frontier Village

Located in Jamestown, ND, you'll find the Jamestown Frontier Village.

In this part of the country it is common to see all sorts of educational frontier village, pioneer, town, old west town, etc.

But the Frontier Village in Jamestown is unique because it offers a few other things.

One is the opportunity to view a buffalo herd, which includes three rare albino buffalos. The National Buffalo Museum is here as well, and provides a wealth of information.

The Frontier Village is a collection of buildings, truly a whole town including a saloon (great vacation photo opportunities.)

If you find your yourself there at the right time, you'll get to witness an old-fashioned shoot out on the street.

We particularly enjoyed taking a ride in the real stagecoach. It took us for a short ride along the street and out across the nearby area on unpaved terrain. This was a chance to see what our forefathers who traveled in stagecoaches experienced. You wouldn't believe how bumpy it is! Something we'll always remember.

Another great photo opportunity at this attraction is to have your photo made with the World's Largest Buffalo!

While in Jamestown, you'll become aware that western author Louis L'Amour called Jamestown home. If you love his books, you'll enjoy visiting his home and haunts. You can pick up a self-guided walking tour map at the tourism center at the Frontier Museum.

For more information, visit

Frontier Village, Stagecoach, Jamestown

Inexpensive Family Vacations: North Dakota
Frontier Village, Jamestown, North Dakota

Sitting Bull Grave

Fort Yates is home to the grave of Sitting Bull. South Dakota also claims to have Sitting Bull's remains (exhumed by family members and removed), but Fort Yates is where he died, and the people in Fort Yates believe the bones exhumed where not his. Either way, there is a monument erected to him, and a chance to discuss and learn about the life and times of this figure from American History.

Sitting Bull Grave, Fort Yates, North Dakota

Inexpensive Family Vacations: North Dakota
Grave of Sitting Bull

International Peace Garden

Situated on the border of Canada and the United States, this garden was created as a pledge of peace between the new nations. Part of the garden is on the U.S. side and part is on the Canadian side.

Access from the U.S. is from Dunseith, North Dakota, and it is not necessary to go through customs to access the park, however you will need to report back thru customs when exiting.

Walking around the gardens, my kids see this as a fun opportunity to be able to say that you have "walked" to another country.

Visit the U.S. and Canadian flags made of flowers, along with other beautiful areas and a dedication to peace.

Lewis and Clark Trail

The Fort Mandan Visitor’s Center in Washburn, North Dakota has a reconstruction of Lewis and Clark’s fort from the winter of 1804–1805. You'll also want to visit the nearby Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site to learn about earth lodges and see remains of the village. It was here that Lewis and Clark met Sakakawea.

Scandinavian Heritage Park, Minot

Scandinavian Heritage Park has replicas from each of the five Scandinavian Countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. Here you'll see a real grass roof Stabbur, a Stave Church, a 25 foot tall Swedish Dala Horse and a Danish windmill. If you are in Minot during September at the time of the Norsk Høstfest, you'll want to include that as part of your trip! It is the largest Scandinavian festival in North America.

The Center of North America

The town of Rugby is the Geographical Center of North America! There is an obelisk to mark the spot, creating another great photo opportunity!

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