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Missouri family vacations hidden gems are everywhere! There is a lot to see in the "show me" state.

Because of so many places to see within the area, Missouri can be a cheap family vacation destination.

Here are some of our favorites places to visit during a Missouri vacation:

St. Louis Gateway Arch

The arch is an American icon so you must go. It is situated in a park like atmosphere, right on the banks of the Mississippi.

We went inside the arch, but unfortunately didn't get to take a tram to the top. There was a several hour wait, so we instead we visited the museum of Westward Expansion that is underneath the arch, and then walked down to the Mississippi River.

All of this was free, and you can't beat that for a cheap travel destination!

There are bridges spanning the Mississippi River, and we thought about walking across to Illinois, but a park ranger advised against it for safety concerns. If you're thinking of crossing over at that point to Illinois, talk to a park ranger first and see what they think (park rangers are all over the grounds of the Gateway Arch so it is easy to find one).

Missouri Family Vacations, St. Louis Arch

The St. Louis Arch

Grant's Farm

Continuing with our cheap Missouri family vacations theme, admission to Grant's Farm is free (you just have to pay for parking).

You'll get to see the log cabin of President Ulysses S. Grant, over 100 species of animals, as well as the stables of the world famous Clydesdales.

Route 66

I took this photo of the Route 66 sign and emailed it to everyone while on our trip with the caption "Getting our kicks on Route 66".

Missouri Family Vacations, Route 66

Route 66 sign

Route 66 runs right thru Missouri. And Route 66 means interesting places to stop...like the World's Largest Rocking Chair.

Take advantage of these fun stops! They will make the biggest Missouri family vacations memories and are often inexpensive or free.

Missouri Family Vacations, Worlds Largest Rocking Chair

The World's Largest Rocking Chair on Route 66

Branson, Missouri Family Vacations

Branson has so much fun to offer and is for sure a best family vacations destination. It is one of our favorite places to take the kids. There is something for everyone in Branson, from young to old.

Read about our favorite Branson Family Vacations here.

Missouri - Home to Many Famous Americans

Missouri was home to many famous Americans. You can visit their homes while visiting this great state as part of great Missouri Family Vacations:

Daniel Boone Home

Near St. Louis, the Daniel Boone Home includes a village of other properties, and there is a scavenger hunt for kids. You can take a tour, or visit on your own.

Our kids loved the gift shop!

We let our GPS guide us there...and we saw some beautiful country. But it was the long way around! If you are short on time, be sure to follow the directions on the website to get there. www.lindenwood.edu/boone/ for directions.

Missouri Family Vacations, Barn

A barn we passed on the way to the Daniel Boone House

Mark Twain Home

Every school kid knows about Mark Twain.

On the Mississippi in Hannibal in Northeast Missouri, you can visit the boyhood home of Samuel Clemens.

Who can resist visiting that whitewashed fence?

Visit: http://www.marktwainmuseum.org/ for more info.

Scott Joplin House

Every child who takes piano lessons should know about Scott Joplin and his contributions to music.

His home in St. Louis, very near the St. Louis arch and each to get to.

We even got to play some of his music on one of the pianos there!


Missouri Family Vacations, Scott Joplin House

Scott Joplin House

Missouri Family Vacations, Scott Joplin Piano

Playing the Piano at the Scott Joplin House in Missouri

Eugene Field Home and Toy Museum

You can visit the home of one of our favorite poets - Edward Fields - in St. Louis. Near the Arch, this property also houses a wonderful antique toy museum. Sure to delight everyone in your family, whether young or old! This home is also famour for it's assocation with the Dred Scot case.


Laura Ingalls Wilder Home

We visited this after Branson, on our way to St. Louis...

A place I had always wanted to visit as a child, I was thrilled to take my daughters there for a visit. This is where Laura lived as an adult when she wrote her famous Little House books.

The museum holds several of Laura's things mentioned in the books, and even includes Pa's fiddle.

A must stop for every Little House on the Prairie fan!


Missouri Family Vacations, Laura Ingalls Wilder Home

The Laura Ingalls Wilder Home in Mansfield, Missouri

Jesse James Farm

Once upon a time Missouri was the edge of the frontier. A great stop for Missouri family vacations is the James Farm which is located just outside Kansas City, Missouri in Kearney, Kansas.

Here you can visit the farm house where Jesse James was born and lived many of his years. Family furniture and artifacts are here, as well as the site of James' original grave.

To plan your visit, see www.jessejames.org

Jesse James Farm

The James Farm, Kearney, Missouri

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