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Visiting a Farm to Pick Your Own Fruit

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Always on the lookout for fun road trip activities...and one can be taking advantage of fresh fruit, straight from the farmers field.

Websites like list farms where you can stop and "pick your own" fruit or other farm-fresh produce.

If your road trip planning includes a stop at farm, keep these helpful hints in mind:

Wear Appropriate Shoes and Clothing

  • Wear sun protection such as a hat and sunscreen

  • It's a great idea to wear long sleeve and long pants to protect yourself from the plants and the sun

  • Berry picking? Be prepared to get your clothes dirty (and your hands too!)

  • Wear good, sturdy shoes that you don't mind getting dirty

  • Insect Repellant is a good idea too!

  • Stay hydrated. Picking is often done in full sun.

    Road Trip Activities, Pick Your Own, Berry Picking

    Road Trip Activities: Berry Picking at a Pick Your Own Farm

    Be a Good Visitor at a Pick Your Own Farm

  • If signs with rules are posted, follow them

  • Throw away all trash or take it with you

  • Don't climb on farm equipment or trees

  • Don't touch any tools laying about

  • Keep control of the kids

  • Many farms cannot accomodate visits with pets

  • Some farms cannot accomodate visits with children either - so before you stop make sure that children are welcome

  • No stepping over rows or plants...and especially on plants

    Picking Your Own

  • Know what to pick, how to pick, and where to pick

  • Ask how to tell if the fruit is ready to be picked

  • Don't overpick! Pick just what you can eat and keep in the car without spoiling

  • If you bring your own containers, bring shallow ones

    When planning to visit a pick-your-own farm, always call ahead before visiting. Supply of items to be picked can vary, and it would be a shame to make the trip to the farm to find that you can't pick anything that day!

    Visiting farms can be fun experiences for great family vacations. If you've visited a great farm on one of your family road trips, share it with us!

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