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Road Trip Games are the answer to the question “Are we there yet?”

Here are some fun games that you can easily play in the car on the way to your next travel destination…

Alphabet Game

Search billboards, signs, and anything else we see with writing for words that start with letters of the alphabet, going in alphabetical order.

Answer Questions

Bring along a deck of quiz or trivia cards. A fun one to try is “Would you Rather?...”

You can also play a good old-fashioned game of 20 Questions.

Books on Tape

We love to listen to books on tape while traveling. Visit your library before your road trip and pick out some books that everyone will enjoy listening to.

So many great classic books are on tape…including Laura Ingalls Wilder, American Girl books, and even everything from the Magic Tree House to the Wizard of OZ, to C.S. Lewis.

Coloring Books or Journals

If your kids are old enough to be trusted with crayons, pens or markers in the backseat while on a road trip, bring along activity books for them. These might be coloring books, Puzzles, or notebooks to use as journals.

Children’s Atlas or Maps

One of our children’s favorite road trip activities is looking at maps. Rand McNally, as well as other companies, make atlases and maps specifically for younger folks.

Elementary age children can learn to use a real, paper map, and look forward to seeing the next town on the road. It is a great skill to have, knowing how to read a road map.

License Plate Game

A traditional road trip game, find the letters from the alphabet on the License Plates. You can also search for license plates for all 50 states.

Mad Libs

Everyone loves Mad Libs! Purchase an inexpensive book and bring it along for a laugh for the whole family.


One of our favorite road trip activities is to sing!

99 bottles of beer on the wall….

Old MacDonald….

And songs from our favorite musicals.

Try getting a CD of American folk songs, containing hits ranging from “3 Blind Mice” to “Camptown Races” to “Oh! Susannah!”. You’ll have fun singing, as well as expanding your family’s exposure to American folk music.

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