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Your Tennessee family vacation should include Rock City if you'll be in the Chattanooga area.

Rock City, which is atop Lookout Mountain, was known for many years before it was a tourist attraction. But it was owners of the property in the 1920's and 30's who realized it's potential as something tourists would want to see.

The wife actually made a trail thru the rocks using a piece of string.

Today, the path goes thru these natural rock formations.

Along the path, she had plants added that just bring even more beauty to the surroundings.

Tennessee Family Vacation, Rock City

There are also bridges, and did I mention spectacular views?

Talk about views...you can see seven states from a lookout point called "Lovers Leap".

Tennessee family vacation, rock city

Rock City is famous for it's "See Rock City" advertising campaign. In the 1930's "See Rock City" was painted on over 900 barn roofs across much of the country.

Since then folks have been coming to Rock City from all over the world.

We walked the trails, enjoyed the views, and took a lot of photos.

Our favorite photo at Rock City was the rock that you can "balance" for a photo.

Tennessee Family Vacation, Rock City

There is a Fairyland Cavern and Mother Goose area that the kids enjoyed walking thru.

Tennessee Family Vacation, Rock City

We also enjoyed a suspension bridge and a waterfall.

Our family thought it was a really magical place and one of our best family vacation destinations on our trip thru Tennessee.

Their website: www.seerockcity.com

Also atop Lookout Mountain, which was the site of a civil war battle, we enjoyed visiting Ruby Falls, the largest underground waterfall in America.

Plan to visit both for best vacation deals.

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