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Tennessee Family Vacations have lots of hidden gems (and not so hidden gems that are really worth the visit).

Here are some of the best family vacation destinations in Tennessee.

Memphis: Graceland, Home of Elvis

Elvis and and will forever be king.

I know, this isn't much of a hidden gem, because Elvis is such an icon.

But it is someplace that everyone should visit at some point in their lives and the perfect time is while enjoying your Tennessee family vacations.

If your family hasn't hear of Elvis before, pull up some youtube videos, listen to some of his recordings, and explain the importance of the King of Rock and Roll.

When you visit Elvis' home, you'll get to tour the mansion, visit building housing his many automobiles and view awards, costumes, and other memorbilia.

He is buried there at Graceland, and your visit includes the gravesite.

Also at Graceland you can board and tour his private airplanes.

A must for everyone, as Elvis is a part of our universal culture.


Memphis: Gibson Guitar Factory

Have a musician in the family?

If so, you might be interested in going on a Gibson guitar factory tour at their facility at 145 Lt. George W. Lee Ave in Memphis.

You'll get to watch their skilled craftsmen and learn about the process of making a guitar. You'll also learn about Gibson guitars in general, and their importance and influence in the music world.

Note that visitors should be ages 5 and up.

You can contact the factory at www.gibson.com

Nashville: Parthenon

All kids who have read the Percy Jackson books or seen the movie will enjoy visiting the Parthenon as part of Tennessee Family Vacations.

Set in Nashville's Centennial Park (which is a great place to relax and hang out for a bit), the Parthenon is a full-scale replica of the originals in Athens, Greece.

It is also the art museum for the city of Nashville, but the kids will be most interested in the giant statue of Athena.


Tennessee Family Vacations, Nashville Parthenon

A close up view of the Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee

Tennessee Family Vacations, Nashville, Parthenon

See the Nashville Parthenon on your Tennessee Family Vacations

Nashville: The Hermitage, Home of Andrew Jackson

The Hermitage is a must see for elementary age kids. If they haven't already, they will be studying President Andrew Jackson, as well as the War of 1812 in which he played such a great role.

The Hermitage was Andrew Jackson's home and it is available to tour, along with the out-buildings. Before you visit, there is a great film on the property which gives information and insight into Andrew Jackson.


Sweetwater: The Lost Sea

The Lost Sea is a cave that is home to America's largest underground lake.

The Lost Sea is also home to Old Sweetwater Village, and "village" composed of log cabins and artisans.

Part of the fun of visiting this attraction is taking a boat ride on the "lost sea", which is a large lake inside the cave. So large, as a matter of fact, that today's modern equipment

can't even estimate it's size.

Formations in the cave make it a National Natural Designated Landmark.


Chattanooga: Ruby Falls

Ruby Falls is home to America's highest underground waterfall, and when you see the waterfall you'll agree it is spectacular.

We were amazed and tried to get pictures, but it just didn't capture on film what you could see and experience in person.

The falls are inside a cave, which are always a fun activity to explore. The waterfalls make this cave unique.


Chattanooga: "See Rock City"

"See Rock City" was painted on just about everything once upon a time. The advertising was painted on barns and other places where everyone would see it.

The advertising worked, and Rock City is here to this day.

Our vote?

Go see it!

The Smoky Mountains

The Smokies are beautiful, with hazy mountains, trails for biking, hiking or horses...nature at it's best.

Enjoying the Smoky Mountains and driving thru the hills makes for cheap family vacations. It is consistently rated a best family vacation destination.

Once sleepy little towns, Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg have grown into full-range tourist stops.

There is even Dollywood, a theme park dedicated to Dolly Parton's heritage.

But because it is so popular, the Smoky Mountains also get very crowded.

On the Tennessee side of the Smokies, avoid some of the crowds by visiting the towns of Townsend or Cosby. These are picturesque and not as crowded as some of the others.


Fun in the North Carolina Smoky Mountains

Tennessee, Lookout Mountain

Beautiful views on Tennessee Family Vacations

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