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A Texas family vacation that includes San Antonio will often include one of the area’s theme parks. SeaWorld is often a popular choice because it is unique from the regular theme park.

We’ve visited Sea World with kids at different ages (and without kids as well) and one thing that we like about SeaWorld is that it appeals to different ages. The shows can be watched by young and old alike. There are rides for kids that are little, and rides for kids that aren’t so little. So visiting this theme park can truly be a multi-generational experience.

Texas Family Vacation, SeaWorld, Dolphins

One of our favorite SeaWorld activities is feeding the dolphins. You can buy food and feed them from one side of a pool, and then go over to the other side of the pool to watch them swim. You may only feed the dolphins at certain times, so make sure that you plan it right to be able to take part in the feedings.

Texas Family Vacation, SeaWorld, Dolphin

Our favorite show at SeaWorld is “Azul”. As a matter of fact, we feel that seeing this show is pretty much worth the price of admission by itself.

The Azul show includes Beluga Whales, dolphins along with human performers. The humans do magnificent dives, really interesting choreography in the water with synchronized swimmers (my mom calls it “water ballet”) and acrobats. One great touch is a flock of flying parrots that sweep over the crowd. I had seen parrots many times before, but never saw them in flight. Truly beautiful.

If you attend the Azul show, arrive early. That way you’ll get to enjoy a comedy bit before hand from one of the stars of the show. And, afterwards you can go down to the water to meet your favorite (human) stars and have your photo taken.

There is also a water park…so bring your suits if you are interested. We’ve never taken our suits, because there was enough other stuff to do that we never made it over to the water section. Perhaps if it was a really hot day though, we might forego something to make it to the water park section!

Along with the rides, water park, dolphins and shows, there are also penguins and an aquarium.

If you are looking for a cheap vacation, purchase your tickets for SeaWorld online. There are often discount available if you purchase tickets in advance on their website and print them at home.

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